Marketing Community offers a service that enables you to get your website listed for the purpose of selling it. To access our marketing service you need to pay a registration fee of US$20. The next stage is to download a document containing a secret word. You then contact the Administrator on this website and give out the following  information

1.The secret password

2.Your website key details

3.Your best contact details,eg Email address or Twitter handle

4.The link to your website


The Administrator will then list your website within 2 to 7 days time

To pay for registration click on the PAY FOR REGISTRATION link at the bottom of this page

If you are looking for a website to buy, take note of this website and keep on checking in the WEBSITES FOR SALE section where all websites for sale will be listed found. This section is found in the discussion board. We are still collecting new information from clients please bare with us

Our site address is



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